Experienced, modern and open-minded, but still traditional where it matters. The formundraum team forms a unified whole, demonstrating great attention to detail and, of course, all pulling together for the sake of the customer

  • Peter Mauelshagen

    Peter Mauelshagen
    Managing Partner

  • Petra Fritsche

    Petra Fritsche
    Office Manager

  • Trenner


  • Mathias Baldus

    Mathias Baldus
    Head of Sales and Marketing

  • Nicola Jane Douglas

    Nicola Jane Douglas
    Senior Sales

  • Christine Mauelshagen

    Christine Mauelshagen
    Marketing Manager

  • Kim Kohnen

    Kim Kohnen

  • Maya Jonas

    Maya Jonas

  • Klaus Kläser

    Klaus Kläser
    Head of Projectmanagement

  • Marco Mastandrea

    Marco Mastandrea
    Senior Project Manager

  • Marina Hoffmann

    Marina Hoffmann
    Project Manager

  • Moritz Meckes

    Moritz Meckes
    Junior Project Manager

  • Nicola Knechten

    Nicola Knechten
    Project Manager

  • Jörg Messing

    Jörg Messing
    Project Manager

  • Judith Jacobs

    Judith Jacobs
    Senior Project Manager

  • Lea Hertel

    Lea Hertel
    Project Manager

  • Anna-Lena Wichmann

    Anna-Lena Wichmann
    Junior Project Manager

  • Trenner 3

    Trenner 3

  • Nico Haas

    Nico Haas
    Creative director

  • Ute Brückner

    Ute Brückner
    Senior Designer

  • Markus von Mach

    Markus von Mach
    Senior Designer

  • Friederike Terstegge

    Friederike Terstegge

  • Rajka Fischer

    Rajka Fischer
    Technical Illustrator

  • Trenner 4

    Trenner 4

  • Stephan Mertens ppa.

    Stephan Mertens ppa.
    Director Finance and HR

  • Doro Draguhn

    Doro Draguhn

  • Alexander Jung

    Alexander Jung
    Project Manager

  • Trenner 5

    Trenner 5

  • Gerd Kümpel

    Gerd Kümpel
    Head of Logistics

  • Hubert Brucherseifer

    Hubert Brucherseifer
    Warehouse & Logistics

  • Werner Mentzel

    Werner Mentzel
    Warehouse & Logistics

  • Albert Papberg

    Albert Papberg
    Warehouse & Logistics

  • Andreas Schwarz

    Andreas Schwarz
    Warehouse & Logistics

  • Rainer Breuer

    Rainer Breuer
    Warehouse & Logistics

  • Mathias Krenske

    Mathias Krenske

  • Klaus Ramser

    Klaus Ramser

  • Tobias Duhme

    Tobias Duhme
    Production Mangager

  • Hardi Schüller

    Hardi Schüller

  • Marc Dockhorn

    Marc Dockhorn

  • Sebastian Röhn

    Sebastian Röhn

  • Jens Ryssel

    Jens Ryssel

  • Sebastian Crisan

    Sebastian Crisan

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