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Our success is based on trust and collaboration between customer and exhibition stand constructor. All of our exhibition stands are designed by us, planned with care, flawlessly executed and effectively staged for our customers. And we would love to do the same for you. Your goals – our commitment.
We have been serving our customers as an exhibition stand constructor at every trade show venue across Europe and around the world for 40 years. Thanks to our proximity to Cologne, we can get to any venue in Europe quickly, and we are easy to reach – close to the Meckenheim motorway junction.

Grafschaft – the home of formundraum

A location to savour.
Rooted in the local area, working for customers all over the world.


Experienced, modern and open-minded, but still traditional where it matters. The formundraum team forms a unified whole, demonstrating great attention to detail and, of course, all pulling together for the sake of the customer

  • Peter Mauelshagen

    Peter Mauelshagen

  • Petra Fritsche

    Petra Fritsche
    Office Management

  • Trenner


  • Mathias Baldus

    Mathias Baldus
    Director Sales and Marketing

  • Waldemar Fauser

    Waldemar Fauser
    Key Account Management

  • Nicola Jane Douglas

    Nicola Jane Douglas
    International sales

  • Christine Mauelshagen

    Christine Mauelshagen
    Corporate Communications

  • Trenner 2

    Trenner 2

  • Vinh Giang Ly ppa.

    Vinh Giang Ly ppa.
    Head of Project Management

  • Marco Mastandrea

    Marco Mastandrea
    Senior Project Manager

  • Marina Hoffmann

    Marina Hoffmann
    Project Manager

  • Maya Jonas

    Maya Jonas
    Project Manager

  • Moritz Meckes

    Moritz Meckes

  • Nicola Knechten

    Nicola Knechten
    Project Manager

  • Jörg Messing

    Jörg Messing
    Project Management

  • Judith Jacobs

    Judith Jacobs
    Project Manager

  • Lea Hertel

    Lea Hertel
    Project Manager

  • Anna-Lena Wichmann

    Anna-Lena Wichmann
    Project Assistant / Apprentice 
Project Management

  • Trenner 3

    Trenner 3

  • Nico Haas

    Nico Haas
    Head of Concept and Design

  • Ute Brückner

    Ute Brückner
    Concept and Design

  • Markus von Mach

    Markus von Mach
    Concept and Design

  • Friederike Terstegge

    Friederike Terstegge
    Concept and Design

  • Rajka Fischer

    Rajka Fischer
    Concept and Design

  • Trenner 4

    Trenner 4

  • Stephan Mertens ppa.

    Stephan Mertens ppa.
    HR and Finance

  • Doro Draguhn

    Doro Draguhn

  • Trenner 5

    Trenner 5

  • Alexander Jung

    Alexander Jung
    Head of Logistics

  • Gerd Kümpel

    Gerd Kümpel
    Head of Warehouse

  • Hubert Brucherseifer

    Hubert Brucherseifer
    Warehouse / Logistics

  • Werner Mentzel

    Werner Mentzel
    Warehouse / Logistics

  • Albert Papberg

    Albert Papberg
    Warehouse / Logistics

  • Rainer Breuer

    Rainer Breuer
    Warehouse / Logistics

  • Matthias Krenske

    Matthias Krenske
    Technical Expert

  • Klaus Ramser

    Klaus Ramser

  • Trenner 6

    Trenner 6

  • Tobias Duhme

    Tobias Duhme
    Production Manager

  • Hardi Schüller

    Hardi Schüller
    Head of Joinery

  • Marc Dockhorn

    Marc Dockhorn

  • Sebastian Röhn

    Sebastian Röhn

  • Jens Ryssel

    Jens Ryssel

  • Daniel Scheu

    Daniel Scheu
    Joinery Apprentice

  • Mia Fabritz

    Mia Fabritz
    Joinery Apprentice

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