formundraum built the exhibition stand for EFI 
at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf

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Everything is so colourful here!
EFI’s self-printed exhibition stand

EFI (Electronics for Imaging) manufactures printers that enliven just about any surface. The high-tech machines can print on wallpaper, fabrics, carpets and tiles – or, just as effortlessly, on doors, glass and furniture. It comes as no surprise, then, that EFI counts companies from many different industries among its customers. For EuroShop, EFI decided to print its exhibition stand itself. To help them realise this, we at formundraum covered all of the stand’s surfaces with EFI-printed fabrics, imitation leathers, wallpapers and graphics. One uncommon element for an exhibition stand was the use of ceramic tiles, likewise printed by EFI and laid on a particle-board substructure for the duration of the fair. The result was a wonderfully colourful eye-catcher – a small area in which EFI was able to present its huge range of possibilities.

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Trade fair
EuroShop Düsseldorf
design and realisation
Floor area
50 m²

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