For Galileo Watermark, formundraum produced a
one-of-a-kind exhibition stand at the WTCE in Hamburg 

More than tomato juice:
authentic on-board feeling at the Galileo house

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Perfect take-off
with innovations and design
for airlines at the WTCE  

The Australian firm Galileo Watermark can look back on a successful WTCE in Hamburg, where it presented its products in the area of in-flight services for airplane passengers. WTCE visitors could experience the pleasant ‘on-board’ feeling themselves at Galileo Watermark’s exhibition stand designed by formundraum. The stand, entirely in the company colours of blue and white, took the form of a house. Under its open gable roof, walls of slender uprights and transparent sheeting afforded enticing views into the interior, piquing visitors’ curiosity about the product range. Inside, relaxed lounges, floors with a natural wood look, and copper-coloured accessories all contributed to the desired comfortable atmosphere. The stand lived from a love of detail and the staging of dishes, trays and other products that beautified its walls like artworks.

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Galileo Watermark
Trade fair
WTCE Hamburg
design and realisation
Floor area
60 m²

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