formundraum is an exhibition stand constructor and a sustainable company – and fulfils both roles with conviction and pride

„Sustainability means ensuring lasting company success, protecting environmental resources and committing to social responsibility. We want to set sustainability standards in the exhibition stand construction sector.“

Peter Mauelshagen, CEO of Form und Raum GmbH

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Stand constructors step on the pedals.
Collecting bluepoints – passionate about the environment.

Acting sustainably
and reaching targets with formundraum bluepoints.

formundraum bluecard nachhaltigkeit

Every day 45 people come to work at formundraum GmbH and drive home after work in the evening. In just one year, this results in about 340,000 km and thus approximately is the distance to the moon, which is only driven on our work routes. Our CSR team agreed: this has to change. But how?

We do not think much about speeches when it comes to climate protection. So we invented the bluepoints: All employees of formundraum now have a sort of check card with which we can collect bluepoints for every kilometer we do not travel by car on our way to work. As a non-driven kilometer by car we consider and count journeys with a bicycle or car sharing. Anyone who leaves their car at home collects a bluepoint for each kilometer saved. Our personal "bluepoint card" is then scanned in the foyer and the points are added to the total kilometers saved so far. Our goal is to drive 10% less of the total, this adds up to 34,000 km a year!

If we make our goal, there will be a bonus for all employees.

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