Nature conservation projects at formundraum

In times of climate change and declining biodiversity, it is more important than ever to protect our nature. Therefore, we decided to implement nature conservation actions. We started the project by  installing nesting boxes and protection hedges, which offer the birds a safe space to breed and help stabilise the population of endangered bird species. The nesting boxes got equipped with a feeding station and a watering trough.

Another useful and embellishing element of the nature conservation project are flower meadows. Those strips not only are beautiful but create the food basis and hiding places for insects. Additionally, our self-made insect hotel provides shelter and nesting opportunities to support biodiversity.

To improve the habitat for animals and plants even more in the future, we plant a cherry tree. This will not only serve as a food source for birds and insects but can also be harvested by our team.

A small addition is the little herb garden in our raised bed. Parsley, basil, coriander, and a few more are blooming in here and perfectly refine our lunch.