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After nine months of waiting, the time has finally come: two of our new machines have been installed in our hall.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art vertical panel-sizing saw “Edition 60” from the Swiss manufacturer STRIEBIG, it is now possible for us to cut our panel materials even more precisely and efficiently and thus offer our customers the highest degree of precision. With the help of the compressed air-controlled panel lifting device, panel materials of up to five metres in length can also be lifted and conveniently ripped. The swivelling saw unit can be adjusted to the tenth of a millimetre by means of digital stops and, thanks to the integrated scoring saw blade, is able to make tear-free cuts in the decorative panel on both sides.

Slewing crane for more convenient working

The column-mounted slewing crane from Babaric, which is also new, relieves the workload of our carpenters, as the integrated suction system allows full-size decor panels weighing up to 250 kg to be lifted directly from the stack and placed on the saw.

Our thanks go to the company Maschinen Kaul from Düsseldorf for the good advice and flawless installation of the two machines!

We are looking forward to putting our machines into operation for our customers from now on.

Sebastian Röhn, master carpenter


Video: working with saw and crane

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